The M2480D is the latest addition to the Marr Contracting heavy lift fleet and represents the continued success of our Heavy Lift crane fleet.

The M2480D is the largest capacity tower crane currently in operation in the world with a standard lift capacity of 330 tonnes at about 15 meter radius, and will lift 100 tonnes to 45 meter radius with around 130 meters of hook height and no support ties.

The crane is equipped with a 55 tonne high speed winch which allows 55 tonnes tM2480D working in Qataro be lifted at 40 meters a minute, 20 tonnes at 80 meters a minute and 10 tonnes at 110 meters a minute. Luff speed from maximum to minimum radius is achieved in 4 minutes, whilst the base tower foot print is only the approximate size of three medium size cars parked side by side.

Unlike convetional crawler cranes or truck cranes the M2480D is fully rated to operate in wind speeds up to 20 meters per second, which is more than double that of the crawler cranes. This along with its superior operating speed has alowed our clients to deliver their project on time with a far higher level of productivity.

M2480D Data Sheet (PDF - 2.3mb)